La Chicana

The Mexican-American Woman

Alfredo Mirandé and Evangelina Enríquez

La Chicana
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Alfredo Mirandé and Evangelina Enríquez

294 pages | © 1979
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226531601 Published March 1981
La Chicana is the story of a marginal group in society, neither fully Mexican or fully American, who suffer under triple oppression: as women, as members of a colonized culture, and as victims of a cultural heritage dominated by the cult of machismo. Tracing the role of Chicanas from pre-Columbian society to the present, the authors reveal the antecedents and roots of contemporary cultural expectations in Aztec, colonial, and revolutionary Mexican historical periods. A discussion of the contribution of modern Chicanas to their community and to feminism and a look at literary stereotypes and the emergence of Chicana literature to counter them round out this perceptive and sympathetic analysis.
1. La Chicana: An Introduction
2. Cultural Heritage I: Mexico
3. Cultural Heritage II: The American Southwest
4. The Woman in the Family
5. Work, Education, and the Chicana
6. Images in Literature
7. Chicana Feminism
Glossary of Spanish Terms
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