Learning to Look

A Handbook for the Visual Arts

Joshua C. Taylor

Learning to Look
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Joshua C. Taylor

2d edition
186 pages | 2 color plates, 42 halftones | © 1957, 1981
Paper $13.00 ISBN: 9780226791548 Published June 1981
Sometimes seeing is more difficult for the student of art than believing. Taylor, in a book that has sold more than 300,000 copies since its original publication in 1957, has helped two generations of art students "learn to look."

This handy guide to the visual arts is designed to provide a comprehensive view of art, moving from the analytic study of specific works to a consideration of broad principles and technical matters. Forty-four carefully selected illustrations afford an excellent sampling of the wide range of experience awaiting the explorer.

The second edition of Learning to Look includes a new chapter on twentieth-century art. Taylor's thoughtful discussion of pure forms and our responses to them gives the reader a few useful starting points for looking at art that does not reproduce nature and for understanding the distance between contemporary figurative art and reality.
Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
List of Illustrations
An Approach to the Visual Arts
1. An Analysis of the Work of Art
2. Color and Perspective
Color Terminology
Perspective and the Experience of Depth in Painting
3. Some Distinctive Characteristics within the Visual Arts
Drawing and Painting
Graphic Arts
4. Some Materials and Techniques of the Artist
Graphic Arts
5. The Artist and the Work of Art
6. The Eye and the Mind
Chronological Table
A. Chronological Table Pertaining to the Visual Arts, Literature, and Music
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