Intellectual Mastery of Nature. Theoretical Physics from Ohm to Einstein, Volume 2

The Now Mighty Theoretical Physics, 1870 to 1925

Christa Jungnickel and Russell McCormmach

Intellectual Mastery of Nature. Theoretical Physics from Ohm to Einstein, Volume 2
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Christa Jungnickel and Russell McCormmach

456 pages | 36 halftones, 1 map | 6-5/8 x 9-1/4 | © 1986
Paper $50.00 ISBN: 9780226415857 Published September 1990
Winner of the 1987 Pfizer Award of the History of Science Society

"A majestic study of a most important spoch of intellectual
history."—Brian Pippard, Times Literary Supplement

"The authors' use of archival sources hitherto almost
untouched gives their story a startling vividness. These volumes
are among the finest works produced by historians of physics."—Jed
Z. Buchwald, Isis

"The authors painstakingly reconstruct the minutiae of
laboratory budgets, instrument collections, and student numbers;
they disentangle the intrigues of faculty appointments and the
professional values those appointments reflected; they explore
collegial relationships among physicists; and they document the
unending campaign of scientists to wring further support for
physics from often reluctant ministries."—R. Steven Turner, Science

"Superbly written and exhaustively researched."—Peter Harman,

Volume 2: The Now Mighty Theoretical Physics, 1870-1925
List of Illustrations
The Now Mighty Theoretical Physics, 1870-1925
13. Physical Research in the Annalen and Other Journals, 1869-1871
Contributors and Contents
Work by Institute Directors
Experimental Research
Theoretical Research
Other Journals
14. Helmholtz, Kirchhoff, and Physics at Berlin University
Helmholtz's Move to Prussia as a Physicist
Helmholtz's Electrodynamics
Electrodynamic Researches at Helmholtz's Laboratory
Kirchhoff at Berlin
15. The Creation of Extraordinary Professorship for Theoretical Physics
New Extraordinary Professorships at Prussian Universities
New Positions for Theoretical Physics Elsewhere in Germany
Qualifications for the New Theoretical Physics Positions
The Representative of Theoretical Physics as a Specialist
Institutional Reinforcement through Technical Institutes and Technical Physics Teaching
16. Boltzmann at Graz
Graz Chair for Mathematical Physics
Boltzmann's Molecular-Theoretical Researches
The New Graz Physics Institute
Boltzmann as Dissertation Advisor
Boltzmann's New Interpretation of the Second Fundamental Law
17. Electrical Researches
Weber at Göttingen
Clausius at Bonn
Hertz at Karlsruhe and Bonn
18. Physical Research in the Annalen and in the Fortschritte
Contributors and Contents
Molecular Work
Optical Theories
Divisions of Physical Knowledge: Fortschritte der Physik
19. Göttingen Institute for Theoretical Physics
Voight at Königsberg and Göttingen
Voight's Researches in the Elastic Theory of Light
Voight's Arrangements
Measurement versus Experiment
Voight's Seminar Teaching and Textbooks
20. Mechanical Researches and Lectures
Kirchhoff at Berlin
Helmholtz at Berlin
Hertz at Bonh
Volkmann at Königsberg
21. Munich Chair for Theoretical Physics
Establishment of the Munich Chair and Boltzmann's Appointment
Physics Teaching at Munich
Boltzmann's Writings and Lectures on Maxwell's Electromagnetic Theory
End of Boltzmann's Position
The Place of Theoretical Physics within German Physics in the 1890s
22. Theoretical Physics at Leipzig
Drude's Early Research and Teaching
Drude as Theoretical Physicist at Leipzig
Creation of an Ordinary Professorship for Theoretical Physics: Boltzmann's Appointment
The Leipzig Theoretical Physics Institute after Boltzmann: Des Coudres's Appointment
23. Vienna Institute for Theoretical Physics
Reorganization of Physics at Vienna and Boltzmann's Return
Boltzmann's Teaching and Writing
24. New Foundations for Theoretical Physics at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
25. Institutional Developments, Research, and Teaching in Theoretical Physics after the Turn of the Century
Theoretical Physics at Berlin and Göttingen
New Institute for Theoretical Physics at Munich
Extraordinary Professorships for Theoretical Physics
New Ordinary Positions for Theoretical Physics
26. Theoretical Physics Unbound: Examples from the Theories of the Quantum, Relativity, the Atom, and the Universe
Quantum Theory at the Salzburg Meeting of the German Association
Quantum Theory, Other Theories, the Annalen, and the Solvay Congress
Relativity Theory and the Annalen
Einstein on the General Theory of Relativity and Cosmology
Einstein on the Torch of Mathematics
27. The Coming of the New Masters
Atomic Theory: Relativity and the Quantum Joined
Quantum Mechanics
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