The Inner Conflict of Tradition

Essays in Indian Ritual, Kinship, and Society

J. C. Heesterman

The Inner Conflict of Tradition
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J. C. Heesterman

266 pages | © 1985
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226322995 Published February 1985 World sales rights except India
1. India and the Inner Conflict of Tradition
2. Brahmin, Ritual, and Renouncer
3. The Case of the Severed Head
4. The Flood Story in Vedic Ritual
5. The Origin of the Nastika
6. Vedic Sacrifice and Transcendence
7. Ritual, Revelation, and the Axial Age
8. The Conundrum of the King's Authority
9. Kautilya and the Ancient Indian State
10. Power, Priesthood, and Authority
11. Western Expansion, Indian Reaction: Mughal Empire and British Raj
12. Caste, Village, and Indian Society
13. Caste and Karma: Max Weber's Analysis of Caste
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