Images of Science

Essays on Realism and Empiricism

Edited by Paul M. Churchland and Clifford A. Hooker

Images of Science
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Edited by Paul M. Churchland and Clifford A. Hooker

With a Reply from Bas C. van Fraassen
317 pages | © 1985
Paper $38.00 ISBN: 9780226106540 Published October 1985
"Churchland and Hooker have collected ten papers by prominent philosophers of science which challenge van Fraassen's thesis from a variety of realist perspectives. Together with van Fraassen's extensive reply . . . these articles provide a comprehensive picture of the current debate in philosophy of science between realists and anti-realists."—Jeffrey Bub and David MacCallum, Foundations of Physics Letters
Part I. Essays Addressed to Bas C. van Fraassen
1. Lex Orandi est Lex Credendi
Richard N. Boyd
2. The Ontological Status of Observables: In Praise of the Superempirical Virtues
Paul M. Churchfield
3. What Science Aims to Do
Brian Ellis
4. Constructive Realism
Ronald N. Giere
5. Explanation and Realism
Clark Glymour
6. Scientific Realism versus Constructive Empiricism: A Dialogue
Gary Gutting
7. Do We See through a Microscope?
Ian Hacking
8. Surface Dazzle, Ghostly Depths: An Exposition and Critical Evaluation of van Fraassen's Vindication of Empiricism against Realism
Clifford A. Hooker
9. Realism versus Constructive Empiricism
Alan Musgrave
10. What Can Theory Tell Us about Observation?
Mark Wilson
Part II. Bas C. van Fraassen Replies to His Critics
11. Empiricism in the Philosophy of Science
Bas C. van Fraassen
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