Paper $70.00 ISBN: 9780226868417 Published June 1999
Cloth $133.00 ISBN: 9780226868400 Published July 1998


Imaging Sound

An Ethnomusicological Study of Music, Art, and Culture in Mughal India

Bonnie C. Wade

Imaging Sound

Bonnie C. Wade

470 pages | 20 color plates, 166 halftones, 21 maps | 8-1/2 x 11 | © 1998
Paper $70.00 ISBN: 9780226868417 Published June 1999
Cloth $133.00 ISBN: 9780226868400 Published July 1998
The rulers of the Mughal Empire of India, who reigned from 1526 to 1858, spared no expense as patrons of the arts. They left as their legacy an extraordinarily rich body of commissioned artistic projects, including illustrated manuscripts and paintings that represent music-making in numerous spheres of Mughal court life, particularly that of women. These images form the basis of Bonnie C. Wade's study of how musicians of Hindustan encountered and Indianized music from the Persian cultural sphere.

Combining ethnomusicological and art historical methods with history and lore, Wade focuses first on paintings for Akbar, showing how political and cultural agendas intertwined in the portrayal of his life and that of his grandfather Babur and father, Humayun. Wade then follows the depictions of music-making through paintings for Akbar's successors, Jahangir and Shah Jahan, to trace the gradual synthesis of Persian and Indian culture. Richly illustrated with reproductions of rare Mughal paintings, this work will appeal broadly to anyone interested in Indian history, ethnomusicology, and art history.
Note on Transliteration and Rubric
Note on Dates and Calendars
Genealogy of the Mughal Family
Pt. 1: The Political Agenda: The Early Mughal Era
Ch. 1: Mughal Exercise of Power in the Creation of Texts: Communication and Political Synthesis
Ch. 2: Music-Making in Mughal Family History and Life
Ch. 3: The Interface of Harem and Court
Pt. 2: The Cultural Agenda: The "Great Mughals," From Akbar to Aurangzeb
Ch. 4: Music in Akbar's Court and Paintings
Ch. 5: Synthesis with a Musical Text
Ch. 6: Transformations: The Indianization of Mughal Musical Culture
App: List of Illustrated Manuscripts and Albums
Glossary of Musical Instruments and Terms
Index of Illustrations
General Index
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