The Interpretation of Dialogue

Edited by Tulio Maranhão

The Interpretation of Dialogue
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Edited by Tulio Maranhão

384 pages | 4 line drawings | 6 x 9 | © 1990
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226504346 Published February 1990
This superb collection offers an array of rich variations on a theme central to a multitude of disciplines: the nature of dialogue. Drawing on literary, philosophical, and linguistic concepts, the essays range from broad questions of the representation of knowledge and interpretation of meaning to case studies of dialogue's function in specific fields.
Tullio Maranhao
Part I: Dialogue in Classical Philosophy
1. Dialogue and Controversy in Philosophy
Richard McKeon
2. Dialogue and Dialectic: The Logic of Conversation and the Interpretation of Logic
C. Jan Swearingen
Part II: Cultural and Historical Contexts of Dialogue
3. Narratives as Interpretation and Interpretation of Narrative: Hermeneutical Reflections on the Gospels
Werner H. Kelber
4. Ceremonial Dialogues in South America
Greg Urban
5. Qur'anic Dialogics: Islamic Poetics and Politics for Muslims and for Us
Michael M. J. Fischer and Mehdi Abedi
Part III: Literary Experiments with Dialogue
6. The Other in Question: Dialogical Experiments in Montaigne, Kafka, and Cortázar
R. Lane Kauffmann
7. Dialogue in Narration (the Narrative Principle)
Jochen Mecke
Part IV: Therpeutic Dialogue
8. Psychoanalytic Dialogue and the Dialogical Principle
Sven Daelemans and Tullio Maranhao
9. Cybernetics of Dialogue: A Conversational Paradigm for Systemic Therapies
Bradford P. Keeney
Part V: Dialogical Anthropology
10. On Dialogue
Vincent Crapanzano
11. Ode to Dialog on the Occasion of the Un-for-seen
Stephen A. Tyler
Part VI: The Ontological and Ethical Dimensions of Dialogue
12. A Critique of Habermas's Diskursethik
Alessandro Ferrara
13. Dialogue and Text: Re-marking the Difference
Steven G. Crowell
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