History of Religious Ideas, Volume 2

From Gautama Buddha to the Triumph of Christianity

Mircea Eliade

History of Religious Ideas, Volume 2
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Mircea Eliade

Translated by Willard R. Trask
580 pages | © 1982
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226204031 Published January 1985
In volume 2 of this monumental work, Mircea Eliade continues his magisterial progress through the history of religious ideas. The religions of ancient China, Brahmanism and Hinduism, Buddha and his contemporaries, Roman religion, Celtic and German religions, Judaism, the Hellenistic period, the Iranian syntheses, and the birth of Christianity—all are encompassed in this volume.

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16. The Religions of Ancient China
17. Brahmanism and Hinduism: The First Philosophies and Techniques of Salvation
18. The Buddha and His Contemporaries
19. The Message of the Buddha: From the Terror of the Eternal Return to the Bliss of the Inexpressible
20. Roman Religion: From Its Origin to the Prosecution of the Bacchanals (ca. 186)
21. Celts, Germans, Thracians, and Getae
22. Orpheus, Pythagoras, and the New Eschatology
23. The History of Buddhism from Mahakasyapa to Nagarjuna. Jainism after Mahavira
24. The Hindu Synthesis: The Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Gita
25. The Ordeals of Judaism: From Apocalypse to Exaltation of the Torah
26. Syncretism and Creativity in the Hellenistic Period: The Promise of Salvation
27. New Iranian Syntheses
28. The Birth of Christianity
29. Paganism, Christianity, and Gnosis in the Imperial Period
30. The Twilight of the Gods
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