History as Art and as Science

Twin Vistas on the Past

H. Stuart Hughes

History as Art and as Science
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H. Stuart Hughes

118 pages | © 1964
Paper $28.00 ISBN: 9780226359168 Published December 1975
"Professor Hughes offers an earnest warning: 'Unless there is some emotional tie, some elective affinity linking the student to his subject of study, the results will be pedantic and perfunctory.' In other words, it is only a step from the sublime to the meticulous. Those eager to guard against that sad descent will find History as Art and as Science a guide, a tonic, and an inspiration. Its short, electrifying essays are so magnificently sane and persuasive they should be required reading for every student who contemplates a major in history."—Geoffrey Bruun, Saturday Review
I. What the Historian Thinks He Knows
II. History, the Humanities, and Anthropological Change
III. History and Psychoanalysis: The Explanation of Motive
IV. The Sweep of the Narrative Line
V. Is Contemporary History Real History?

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