Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis

Edited by Tim Dean and Christopher Lane

Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis

Edited by Tim Dean and Christopher Lane

472 pages | 6 x 9 | © 2001
Paper $38.00 ISBN: 9780226139371 Published June 2001
Cloth $106.00 ISBN: 9780226139364 Published June 2001
Why has homosexuality always fascinated and vexed psychoanalysis? This groundbreaking collection of original essays reconsiders the troubled relationship between same-sex desire and psychoanalysis, assessing homosexuality's status in psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as the value of psychoanalytic ideas for queer theory. The contributors, each distinguished clinicians and specialists, reexamine works by Freud, Klein, Reich, Lacan, Laplanche, and their feminist and queer revisionists. Sharing a commitment to conscious and unconscious forms of homosexual desire, they offer new perspectives on pleasure, perversion, fetishism, disgust, psychosis, homophobia, AIDS, otherness, and love. Including two previously untranslated essays by Michel Foucault, Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis will interest cultural theorists, psychoanalysts, and anyone concerned with the fate of sexuality in our time.

Lauren Berlant
Leo Bersani
Daniel L. Buccino
Arnold I. Davidson
Tim Dean
Jonathan Dollimore
Brad Epps
Michel Foucault
Lynda Hart
Jason B. Jones
Christopher Lane
H. N. Lukes
Catherine Millot
Elizabeth A. Povinelli
Ellie Ragland
Paul Robinson
Judith Roof
Joanna Ryan
Ramón E. Soto-Crespo
Suzanne Yang

Homosexuality and Psychoanalysis: An Introduction
Tim Dean and Christopher Lane

Part One: Theorizing Sexuality

1 Foucault, Psychoanalysis, and Pleasure

2 The West and the Truth of Sex

3 The Death of Lacan

4 Closing Up the Corpses: Diseases of Sexuality and te Emergence of
the Psychiatric Style of Reasoning

5 Freud and Homosexuality

6 Lacan and the Hommosexuelle: "A Love Letter"

7 Homosexuality and the Problem of Otherness

Part Two: Gay Sexuality

8 Freud on Group Psychology: Shattering the Dream of a Common

9 Loving Civilization's Disconentes: Reich and Jouissance

10 Heterosexuality Terminable or Interminable? Kleinian Fantasies of
Reparation and Mourning

11 The Eroticism of Desolation

Part Three: Lesbian Sexuality

12 "The Community of Dolphins" v. "The Safe Sea of Women":
Lesbian Sexuality and Psychosis

13 Unrequited Love: Lesbian Transference and Revenge in

14 Homosexuality and Psychosis in the Clinic: Symptom or

15 Lust for Innocence

Part Four:Clinical Perspectives

16 Can Psychanalysis Understand Homophobia? Resistance in the

17 Speaking of the Surface: The Texts of Kaposi's Sarcoma

Part Five: Queer Relations

18 Genital Chastity

19 Sexual Disgust

20 Sexuality at Risk: Psychoanalysis Metapragmatically

21 The Fetish of Fluidity

22 Love, A Queer Feeling

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