General Relativity from A to B

Robert Geroch

General Relativity from A to B
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Robert Geroch

233 pages | 98 line drawings | © 1978
Paper $15.00 ISBN: 9780226288642 Published March 1981
E-book $15.00 ISBN: 9780226190792 Will Publish February 2013
"This beautiful little book is certainly suitable for anyone who has had an introductory course in physics and even for some who have not."—Joshua N. Goldberg, Physics Today

"An imaginative and convincing new presentation of Einstein's theory of general relativity. . . . The treatment is masterful, continual emphasis being placed on careful discussion and motivation, with the aim of showing how physicists think and develop their ideas."—Choice
A. The Space-Time Viewpoint
1. Events and Space-Time: The Basic Building Blocks
2. The Aristotelian View: A "Personalized" Framework
3. The Galilean View: A Democratic Framework
4. Difficulties with the Galilean View
B. General Relativity
5. The Interval: The Fundamental Geometrical Object
6. The Physics and Geometry of the Interval
7. Einstein's Equation: The Final Theory
8. An Example: Black Holes
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