Freedom and History and Other Essays

An Introduction to the Thought of Richard McKeon

Richard McKeon

Freedom and History and Other Essays
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Richard McKeon

303 pages | © 1990
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226560298 Published December 1989
This volume of essays is an important introduction to the thought of one of the twentieth century's most significant yet underappreciated philosophers, Richard McKeon. The originator of philosophical pluralism, McKeon made extraordinary contributions to philosophy, to international relations, and to theory-formation in the communication arts, aesthetics, the organization of knowledge, and the practical sciences. This collection, which includes a philosophical autobiography as well as the out-of-print title essay "Freedom and History" and a previously unpublished essay on "Philosophic Semantics and Philosophic Inquiry," is a testimony to the range and systematic power of McKeon's thinking for the social sciences and the humanities.
Preface by Zahava K. McKeon
Introduction by Howard Ruttenberg
1. Spiritual Autobiography
2. Philosophy and History in the Development of Human Rights
3. The Development and the Significance of the Concept of Responsibility
4. Communication, Truth, and Society
5. Dialogue and Controversy in Philosophy
6. Has History a Direction? Philosophical Principles and Objective Interpretations Essay, Oral Presentation, Reply to Queries, and Commentary
7. Freedom and History
1. Historical Background and Theoretic Assumptions
2. Historical Semantics and Philosophical Semantics
3. The Dialectical Analysis of Freedom and History
4. The Logistic Analysis of Freedom and History
5. The Problematic Analysis of Freedom and History
6. Semantics, Philosophy, and Action
8. Philosophic Semantics and Philosophic Inquiry
Author-Title Index
Subject Index
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