Cloth $142.00 ISBN: 9780226079912 Published June 1990


From Sea Charts to Satellite Images

Interpreting North American History through Maps

Edited by David Buisseret

From Sea Charts to Satellite Images

Edited by David Buisseret

340 pages | 142 halftones, 8 color plates | 8-1/2 x 9-3/8 | © 1990
Cloth $142.00 ISBN: 9780226079912 Published June 1990
"The authors write authoritatively and crisply . . . . How to use maps in teaching is spelled out carefully, but the authors also manage to sketch in the background of American mapping so the book is both a manual and a history. Commentaries are sprinkled with stimulating new ideas, for instance on how to use bird's-eye views and country atlases in the classroom, and there are didactic discussions on maps showing the walking city and the impact of the street car.

"An extraordinarily wide range of maps is depicted, which makes for good browsing, pondering and close study. . . . This is a very good, highly attractive, and worthwhile book; it will have great impact on the use of old (and new!) maps in teaching. As well, this is a tantalizing survey of mapping the United States and will whet the appetites of students and encourage them to learn more about maps and their origins."—John Warketin, Cartographica
List of Plates
Introduction by J. B. Harley
1. The European Antecedents of New World Maps
David Buisseret
2. Maps of the Age of European Exploration
David B. Quinn
3. Eighteenth-Century Large-Scale Maps
Louis DeVorsey
4. Maps of the Township and Range System
Ronald E. Grim
5. Nineteenth-Century Landscape Views
David Buisseret
6. Bird's-Eye Views of Towns and Cities
Gerald Danzer
7. City Maps and Plans
Gerald Danzer
8. North American County Maps and Atlases
Michael P. Conzen
9. Two Examples of Thematic Maps: Civil War and Fire Insurance Maps
Robert Karrow and Ronald E. Grim
10. Topographic Surveys of the United States
Robert Karrow
11. Twentieth-Century Highway Maps
Thomas Schlereth
12. Aerial Imagery
David Buisseret and Christopher Baruth
Appendix: Sources of General Land Office Maps
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