Cloth $106.00 ISBN: 9780226401751 Published January 1996

The Economics of Agriculture, Volume 2

Papers in Honor of D. Gale Johnson

Edited by John M. Antle and Daniel A. Sumner

The Economics of Agriculture, Volume 2

Edited by John M. Antle and Daniel A. Sumner

456 pages | 10 line drawings, 41 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1995
Cloth $106.00 ISBN: 9780226401751 Published January 1996
D. Gale Johnson, one of the world's foremost agricultural economists, has over the last five decades changed the conduct of research on agricultural economics and policy. The papers brought together in The Economics of Agriculture reveal the breadth and depth of his influence on the creation of modern agricultural economics.

Volume 1 collects for the first time in one source Johnson's most important work. These classic papers explore the consequences of government intervention in United States and world agriculture; the economics of agricultural supply and of rural labor and human capital issues; and the analysis of agricultural productivity in poor countries, including the centrally planned economies of China and Eastern Europe. Models of precise reasoning and powerful empirical research, the papers cover a wide range of topics—from U.S. commodity price policy to the economics of population control and farm policy reform in China. Volume 1 includes a definitive bibliography of Johnson's published writings.

Volume 2 presents twenty-two papers by Johnson's former students and colleagues. International in scope, these papers explore themes and topics inspired by Johnson's work, including agricultural policy and U.S. farm prices; European Common Agricultural Policy; and agricultural and rural development in the Third World. Contributors to Volume 2 are David G. Abler, John M. Antle, Richard R. Barichello, Andrew P. Barkley, Karen Brooks, David S. Bullock, Robert E. Evenson, B. Delworth Gardner, Bruce L. Gardner, Dale M. Hoover, Wallace E. Huffman, Paul R. Johnson, Yoav Kislev, Justin Yifu Lin, Yair Mundlak, John Nash, Keijuro Otsuka, Willis Peterson, Todd E. Petzel, Vernon W. Ruttan, Maurice Schiff, G. Edward Schuh, Theodore W. Schultz, James Snyder, Vasant Sukhatme, Daniel A. Sumner, Vinod Thomas, George Tolley, and Alberto Valdes.
Summary Contents of Volume 2, Papers in Honor of D. Gale Johnson
Part One - The Organization and Contribution of Labor Resources
1. Allocation of Agricultural Income (1948)
2. Resource Allocation under Share Contracts (1950)
3. Functioning of the Labor Market (1951)
4. Comparability of Labor Capacities of Farm and Nonfarm Labor (1953)
Part Two - Research, Productivity, and Supply Response
5. The Nature of the Supply Function for Agricultural Products (1950)
Part Three - Agricultural Policy in High-Income Countries
6. Contribution of Price Policy to the Income and Resource Problems in Agriculture (1944)
7. Government and Agriculture: Is Agriculture a Special Case? (1958)
8. Government and Agricultural Adjustment (1973)
Part Four - Agricultural Policy in China and the Soviet Union
9. Eye-Witness Appraisal of Soviet Farming, 1955 (1956)
10. Agriculture in the Centrally Planned Economies (1982)
11. Economic Reforms in the People's Republic of China (1988)
12. Why Is It So Difficult to Replace a Failed Economic System: The Former USSR (1993)
Part Five - Developing Countries and World Agriculture
13. Agriculture and Foreign Economic Policy (1964)
14. World Agriculture, Commodity Policy, and Price Variability (1975)
15. An Optimization Approach to Grain Reserves for Developing Countries (1976)
16. World Agriculture in Disarray Revisisted (1987)
17. Can There Be Too Much Human Capital? Is There a World Population Problem? (1994)
18. Role of Agriculture in Economic Development Revisited (1993)
Bibliography of D. Gale Johnson, 1942-1994
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