Economic Development

The History of an Idea

H. W. Arndt

Economic Development
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H. W. Arndt

230 pages | © 1987
Paper $32.00 ISBN: 9780226027227 Published August 1989
"Economic Development makes an important contribution of the literature on economic development, especially as it incorporates ideas on a theme that informs our concern for social justice, individual and social freedom, identify, and community."—Winston E. Langley, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
1. Introductory
2. The Prehistory (to 1945)
Western Origins
Reactive Nationalism
Colonial Theory and Practice
Mainstream Economics
Marx and Marxism
War Aims and Postwar Plans
3. Development as Growth (1945-1965)
Capital Formation
Human Capital
Trade as the Engine of Growth
4. Social Objectives (1965-1975)
Social Development
Inequality and/or Poverty
Basic Needs
Welfare or Modernisation
5. Radical Counterpoint: The Left
From Marxism to Neo-Marxism: Paul Baran
Neo-Marxism: Latin American Antecedents
Neo-Marxism: A G. Frank
Neo-Marxism on "Development"
Mao and Maoism
A New International Economic Order
Neo-Marxist Revisionism
6. Radical Counterpoint: The Right
The Sceptics
The Anti-Modernisers
7. Assessment
Dissent from Development
Social Justice
Economic Growth and Modernisation
Index of Names
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