Evolution and the Genetics of Populations, Volume 3

Experimental Results and Evolutionary Deductions

Sewall Wright

Evolution and the Genetics of Populations, Volume 3
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Sewall Wright

622 pages | © 1977
Cloth $101.00 ISBN: 9780226910512 Published May 1977
Paper $59.00 ISBN: 9780226910406 Published June 1984
"Wright's views about population genetics and evolution are so fundamental and so comprehensive that every serious student must examine these books firsthand. . . . Publication of this treatise is a major event in evolutionary biology."-Daniel L. Hartl, BioScience

The University of Chicago Press: Gordon J. Laing Award

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1. Introduction
2. Inbreeding Depression and Heterosis: Plants
3. Inbreeding in Animals: Differentiation and Depression
4. Variability under Inbreeding and Crossbreeding
5. Genotypic Persistence in Inbred Lines and Clones
6. The Course of Directional Selection
7. Artificial Selection Excluding Insects
8. Artificial Selection with Insects
9. Natural Selection in the Laboratory
10. Experimental Stochastic Distributions of Gene Frequencies
11. Mutation and Selection
12. Theories of Evolution: Mutation and Mass Selection
13. Shifting Balance Theories of Evolution
14. Genetic Load and Genetic Variability
15. The Evolution of Dominance
16. Breeds of Livestock
17. General Conclusions
Corrections for Volume 1 and 2
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