Cloth $86.00 ISBN: 9780226313061 Published March 1995


The Development of Future-Oriented Processes

Edited by Marshall M. Haith, Janette B. Benson, Ralph J. Roberts Jr., and Bruce

The Development of Future-Oriented Processes

Edited by Marshall M. Haith, Janette B. Benson, Ralph J. Roberts Jr., and Bruce

474 pages | 61 line drawings, 25 tables | 6 x 9 | © 1994
Cloth $86.00 ISBN: 9780226313061 Published March 1995
How do children develop an understanding of future events? In this state of the art review of two decades of empirical and theoretical work, leading researchers in developmental psychology and neuroscience explore what is known about the development of future-oriented processes.

Following Marshall Haith's seminal studies on early infant anticipation, this collection begins with a survey of current knowledge about the early development of expectations. Addressing both the state of neural research in this field and the role of language and social context in the development of future orientation, the authors discuss the nature of planning in action, future orientation in humans and in nonhuman primates, and the development of intermediate and long-term expectations with regard to cognitive skills and scientific activity.

Combining developmental and cognitive perspectives, this volume will interest professionals in developmental psychology, child development, and neuropsychology.
Marshall M. Haith, Janette B. Benson, Ralph J. Roberts Jr., Bruce F. Pennington
1: Visual Expectations as the First Step toward the Development of Future-Oriented Processes
Marshall M. Haith
2: In Search of Infant Expectation
J. Steven Reznick
3: Planning and Perceiving What Is Going to Happen Next
Claes von Hofsten
4: Perception, Action, and Skill: Looking Ahead to Meet the Future
Ralph J. Roberts Jr., Michael Ondrejko
5: Learning, Prediction, and Control with an Eye to the Future
Duane M. Rumbaugh, E. Sue Savage-Rumbaugh, David A. Washburn
6: Developmental Transitions in Children's Early On-Line Planning
Thomas R. Bidell, Kurt W. Fischer
7: Discovering the Present by Predicting the Future
David Klahr
8: Neural Mechanisms of Future-Oriented Processes: In Vivo Physiological Studies of Humans
Daniel R. Weinberger, Karen Faith Berman, James Gold, Terry Goldberg.
9: The Working Memory Function of the Prefrontal Cortices: Implications for Developmental and Individual Differences in Cognition
Bruce F. Pennington
10: Language in, on, and about Time
Elizabeth Bates, Jeffrey Elman, Ping Li
11: Using Goal-Plan Knowledge to Merge the Past with the Present and the Future in Narrating Events on Line
Tom Trabasso, Nancy L. Stein
12: Considering the Concept of Planning
Barbara Rogoff, Jacquelyn Baker-Sennett, Eugene Matusov
13: The Origins of Future Orientation in the Everyday Lives of 9- to 36-Month-Old Infants
Janette B. Benson
14: The Rashomon Phenomenon: Personal Frames and Future-Oriented Appraisals in Memory for Emotional Events
Nancy L. Stein, Tom Trabasso, Maria Liwag
Epilogue: Further Directions: Variations in the Use of Future-Oriented Processes
Robert N. Emde
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