Conversations with Jean Piaget

Jean-Claude Bringuier

Conversations with Jean Piaget
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Jean-Claude Bringuier

Translated by Basia Miller Gulati
160 pages | 4 halftones | 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 | © 1980
Paper $23.00 ISBN: 9780226075051 Published January 1989
"What is most impressive about this book is its intelligence, its sophistication, and its charm. . . . This book presents Piaget's work and his person better than anything else that I know about."—David Elkind, Tufts University

"The tone is one of constant movement from the most ordinary to the most abstruse. There are 14 conversations with 'le Patron,' some in 1969, some in 1975, and several more with co-workers in various fields. . . . In Mr. Bringuier's book, in a pleasant informal way, we see a sophisticated non-scientist exploring Piaget's domain with the master. Some of Piaget's best-known findings about children as explained along the way, but Mr. Bringuier has ways of bringing out the relation of this psychological work to the whole of Piaget's enterprise, and we get a good sense of the man and his work."—Howard E. Gruber, New York Times Book Review
Foreword to the English Edition
Translator's Note
First Conversation - What Is Psychology? (May-June 1969)
Second Conversation - Insights and Illusions of Philosophy
Third Conversation - The Child as Model of Developing Intelligence
Fourth Conversation - Experiments with Children. The Discovery of Developmental Stages
Fifth Conversation - Structures, Their Mechanisms, Assimilation and Accommodation
Sixth Conversation - Knowledge and Affectivity
Seventh Conversation, Part 1 - Causality, or How Do We Interpret the Phenomena of the World?
Seventh Conversation, Part 2 - The Boss and the Team (Three Conversations at the International Center for Genetic Epistemology)
Eighth Conversation - Taking Consciousness (La Prise de conscience) (1975-76)
Ninth Conversation - Games for Children and Scholars: Toward a Comparative History of Individual Intelligence and Scientific Progress
Tenth Conversation - The Phenocopy
Eleventh Conversation - Memory: The Kidnapping of Jean Piaget
Twelfth Conversation - Concerning Creativity: The Three Methods
Thirteenth Conversation - The Students, The University. Basic and Applied Research
Fourteenth Conversation - New Possibilities (June 1976)
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