Cartography in France, 1660-1848

Science, Engineering, and Statecraft

Josef Konvitz

Cartography in France, 1660-1848
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Josef Konvitz

214 pages | 8 color plates, 28 halftones | © 1987
Cloth $75.00 ISBN: 9780226450940 Published January 1987
French scientists, engineers, and public officials were responsible for the most important and distinctive innovations in cartography in eighteenth-century Europe. By expanding the analytical uses of maps, by establishing unprecedented standards of accuracy, and by nurturing institutional frameworks to sustain mapping projects over many years, the French contributed to one of the central concepts of modern times: that man, through direct observation and accumulated information can better understand and manage his affairs.

Concentrating on how and why new concepts and techniques of making and using maps were introduced, Josef Konvitz skillfully traces the modernization of cartography during the French Enlightenment. The story he unfolds is not merely a narrative of who did what, but an analysis of how the map itself influenced attitudes toward the land and the consequent effects on planning and the development of resources. Throughout, Konvitz demonstrates the significant relationship between cartography and political, economic, and military life. He emphasizes efforts to enlarge the practical applications of maps in government and the impact of government policy on the evolution of cartography.
List of Illustrations
A Note on Terms
1. The National Map Survey
2. Cartography and the State in the Revolutionary Era
Cartography and International Borders before 1789
The Cadaster to 1799
The Cadaster after 1799 and the Centralization of Cartography
3. Maps of the Seas
Theory and Practice
Contour Lines to Buache
Routine Hydrographic Mapping
Du Carla, Dupain-Triel, and Contour Lines
4. Maps of Mountains
Theory and Practice
Mountain and Geological Maps in Science
Mountain Maps in Military Engineering
5. Transportation Planning Maps
Single-Project Maps
Comprehensive National Maps
6. Thematic Cartography, circa 1790-1850
Early Thematic Maps, to 1820
Cartography and Engineering Education, 1747 to circa 1830
"Parler aux Yeux": Economic and Social Thematic Maps, 1820-50

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