The Crime of Galileo

Giorgio de Santillana

The Crime of Galileo
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Giorgio de Santillana

354 pages | illustrations | © 1955
Paper $35.00 ISBN: 9780226734811 Published June 1978
"In the gallery of what might be called the martyrs of thought, the image of Galileo recanting before the Italian Inquisition stirs the minds of educated modern men second only to the picture of Socrates drinking the Hemlock. That image of Galileo is out of focus . . . because it has been distorted by three centuries of rationalist prejudice and clerical polemics. To refocus it clearly, within the logic of its own time . . . de Santillana has written The Crime of Galileo, a masterly intellectual whodunit which traces not the life but the mental footsteps of Galileo on his road to personal tragedy."—Time
I. The Days of Discovery
II. "Domini Canes"
III. Philosophical Intermezzo
IV. Saint Robert Bellarmine
V. The Decree
VI. Bellarmine's Audience
VII. The Years of Silence
IX. The "Dialogue"
X. The Summons
XI. The Inquisitors' Plight
XII. The Trial
XIII. The Problem of the False Injunction
XIV. Change of Course
XV. The Sentence
XVI. Aftermath
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