China in Crisis, Volume 2

China's Policies in Asia and America's Alternatives

Edited by Tang Tsou and Ping-ti Ho

China in Crisis, Volume 2
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Edited by Tang Tsou and Ping-ti Ho

494 pages | © 1968
Cloth $55.00 ISBN: 9780226815190 Published December 1969
The continuing debate in the United States over policies toward China and Vietnam provides the compelling occasion for reexamining the objectives and capability of Communist China and her relations with major countries in Asia.
1. Communist China's Foreign Policy
Richard Lowenthal
Comments by Roderick MacFarquhar
2. Peking's Foreign Policy "Debate," 1965-1966
Uri Ra'anan
3. On the Chinese Perception of a World Order
Norton Ginsburg
4. The United States and China
Hans J. Morgenthau
Comments by Paul A. Varg
5. The Question of "Two Chinas"
Robert A. Scalapino
Comments by George E. Taylor
Comments by Richard A. Falk
6. Chinese Attitudes toward the Use and Control of Nuclear Weapons
Morton H. Halperin
Comments by Vincent D. Taylor
7. China's Conventional Military Capability
Frank E. Armbruster
Comments by Samuel B. Griffith II
8. China and Vietnam
Harold C. Hinton
Comments by David Mozingo
Comments by George McT. Kahin
9. The Strategic Debate in Peking
Donald Zagoria
10. Two American Counterstrategies to Guerrilla Warfare: The Case of Vietnam
Roger Hilsman
Comments by Morton A. Kaplan
11. Liberation Wars, National Environments, and American Decision-Making
Davis B. Bobrow
12. China's Policy toward Indonesia
David Mozingo
Comments by George McT. Kahin
13. Indonesian Communism and China
Ruth T. McVey
14. China's Strategic Alternatives in South Asia
Wayne Wilcox
Comments by Michael Brecher
Comments by M. J. Desai
15. China and Japan
A. M. Halpern
Comments by Marius B. Jansen
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