Basic Problems of Ethnopsychiatry

George Devereux

Basic Problems of Ethnopsychiatry
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George Devereux

380 pages | © 1979
Cloth $62.50 ISBN: 9780226143552 Published April 1980
In these sixteen essays, written between 1939 and 1965, George Devereux argues that the understanding of all human behavior requires the application of both psychological and sociocultural methods of explanation. This unique approach, which differentiates sanity and insanity from social adjustment and maladjustment, provides a rigorous foundation for a general theory of psychoanalytic ethnopsychiatry.

George Devereux, a psychoanalyst and anthropologist, discusses crime, sexual delinquency, dreams in non-Western cultures, and cannibalistic drives of parents. He frequently cites case material from his extensive field work with the Mahave Indians of Arizona and the Sedang Moi of Vietnam and from his clinical work with non-Western patients.
Preface to the American Edition
1. Normal and Abnormal (1956)
2. Ethnopsychiatry as a Frame of Reference in Clinical Research and Practice (1952)
3. Social Negatvism and Criminal Psychopathology (1940)
4. The Voices of Children: Psychocultural Obstacles to Therapeutic Communication (1965)
5. The Cannibalistic Impulses of Parents (1966)
6. Retaliatory Homosexual Triumph over the Father: A Clinical Note on the Counteroedipal Sources of the Oedipus Complex (1960)
7. Neurotic Crime vs. Criminal Behavior (1951)
8. Female Juvenile Sex Delinquency in a Puritanical Society (1964)
9. A Sociological Theory of Schizophrenia (1939)
10. Schizophrenia: An Ethnic Psychosis, or Schizophrenia without Tears (1965)
11. Ethnopsychoanalytic Reflections on Neurotic Fatigue (1966)
12. Masochistic Blackmail: An Ethnopsychiatric Note on Property Destruction in Cargo Cults (1964)
13. Primitive Psychiatric Diagnosis: A General Theory of the Diagnostic Process (1963)
14. Pathogenic Dreams in Non-Western Societies (1966)
15. Cultural Factors in Psychoanalytic Therapy (1953)
16. Psychoanalysis as Anthropological Field Work: Data and Theoretical Implications (1957)
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