Cloth $81.00 ISBN: 9780226319711 Published August 1985
Paper $59.00 ISBN: 9780226319704 Published September 1985

Britain in Transition

The Twentieth Century

Alfred F. Havighurst

Britain in Transition
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Alfred F. Havighurst

4th edition
708 pages | 7 maps. | © 1962, 1966, 1979, 1985
Cloth $81.00 ISBN: 9780226319711 Published August 1985
Paper $59.00 ISBN: 9780226319704 Published September 1985
This new edition extends and brings up to date the story of political, economic, and social change among the British. An entirely new chapter covers the Thatcher years, discussing such events as the Falkland Island crisis and the General Election of 1983. Other sections have been revised to reflect information only recently available. Throughout, Havighurst has incorporated material from official documents, monographs, biographies, articles, and the press. His fascinating narrative fully captures the ongoing importance of change itself in shaping the character of Britain.
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1. 1900 - Beginnings
The Death of Victoria
Uncertain Imperialism: The South African War
Challenge to Laissez-Faire
Transitions in Politics
"The New Search for Reality"
At the Turn of the Century
2. 1900-14 - Edwardian England
The Great Debate
Economic Recovery
The Condition of the People
3. 1901-06 - Conservatism in Decline
The South African War in Politics
Challenging "the Favor of Destiny"
The General Election of 1906
4. 1906-14 - The New Liberalism
The Campbell-Bannerman Cabinet
Lords vs. Commons
The Lords' Last Stand and Surrender
1910-1914 - "Domestic Anarchy"
On the Eve of War
5. 1914-18 - The Great War
The Advent of War
From Asquith to Lloyd George
Wartime Controls
The National Mind
The Balance Sheet
6. 1918-24 - Aftermath of War
The Election of 1918
The National Temper
Abortive Reconstruction
Clash of Interests and Ideologies
Postwar Politics under Lloyd George
Three Elections in Three Years
7. 1924-31 - The Quest for Tranquility
The General Strike of 1926
Unsolved Issues
The Conservative Record, 1927-29
The Second Labor Government
Financial Crisis or Tory Ramp?
8. 1931-39 - A Sea of Troubles
In the Wilderness
National Government: "Safety and the Union Jack"
Balwin and Foreign Policy, 1935
A Year of Crisis, 1936
Political Ideology and Social Thought
Prologue to War
9. 1939-45 - World War II
"The Phony War"
The Battle of Britain
The Spreading Conflict
The End of the Beginning
"A People's War" and "A People's Peace"
From Casablanca to Normandy
"Triumph and Tragedy"
10. 1945-51 - Socialist Britain and Welfare State
The "Revolution" of 1945
The Pattern of Reconstruction
British Power at Home and Abroad, 1945-47
Commonwealth and Empire
Economics and Diplomacy, 1947-49
"How Have They Done?"
The Path of Politics, 1949-50
Stalemate and the Election of 1951
11. 1951-64 - An Age of Affluence? An Age of Illusion? Thirteen Wasted Years?
From Churchill to Eden, 1951-55
External Affairs, 1951-56
New Leadership: Gaitskell and Macmillan
The Economy, 1955-61: A Delicate Balance
The Commonwealth: Winds of Change, 1956-64
"Supermac" and Conservative Fadeout, 1961-64
12. 1964-70 - Labor and the Burdens of Power
The Labor Government, 1964-66
1966: The Make or Break Year for Labor
World Policy, 1965-70
1969: "In Place of Strife": A New Code of Industrial Relations?
General Election, June 1970
13. 1970-79 - A Challenge to Britain
The Heath Administration, 1970-74
Two Elections in Eight Months
The Social Contract, 1974-76
External Affairs, 1974-79
Labor Leadership: Wilson to Callaghan
The General Election, May 1979
14. 1979-83 - Current Events—The Thatcher Years
A Watershed Election?
The Commonwealth, 1979-83
The Economy and Politics, 1980-81
1982: The Economy, Politics, Falkland Islands Crisis
The General Election, June 1983
15. 1945-83 - A Society in Motion
Land and People
Government by Queen, Lords, and Commons
The Welfare State
Popular Culture
Whither Britain?
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