Alternative Conceptions of Phrase Structure

Edited by Mark R. Baltin and Anthony S. Kroch

Alternative Conceptions of Phrase Structure
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Edited by Mark R. Baltin and Anthony S. Kroch

323 pages | © 1989
Cloth $113.00 ISBN: 9780226036410 Published August 1989
Paper $40.00 ISBN: 9780226036427 Published July 1989
In the early years of generative grammar it was assumed that the appropriate mechanism for generating syntactic structures was a grammar of context-free rewriting rules. The twelve essays in this volume discuss recent challenges to this classical formulation of phrase structure and the alternative conceptions proposed to replace it. Each article approaches this issue from the perspective of a different linguistic framework, such as categorical grammar, government-binding theory, head-driven phrase structure grammar, and tree-adjoining grammar. By contributing to the understanding of the differing assumptions and research strategies of each theory, this volume serves as an important survey of current thinking on the frontier of theoretical and computation linguistics.
Mark R. Baltin and Anthony S. Kroch
1. Heads and Projections
Mark R. Baltin
2. Long-Distance Dependencies, Constituent Structure, and Functional Uncertainty
Ronald M. Kaplan and Annie Zaenen
3. Radical Lexicalism
Lauri Karttunen
4. Asymmetrics in Long-Distance Extraction in a Tree-Adjoining Grammar
Anthony S. Kroch
5. Clitics and Phase Structure
Alec Marantz
6. Individuation in and of Syntactic Structures
James D. McCawley
7. Subcategorization and Head-driven Phrase Structure
Ivan A. Sag and Carl Pollard
8. Scrambling as Semantically Vacuous A'-Movement
Mamoru Saito
9. Constituency and Coordination in a Combinatory Grammar
Mark Steedman
10. Subjects, Specifiers, and X-Bar Theory
Tim Stowell
11. Parameters of Phrase Structure
Lisa Travis
12. Maximal Projections in Words and Phrases
Edwin S. Williams
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