The Age of the Cathedrals

Art and Society, 980-1420

Georges Duby

The Age of the Cathedrals
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Georges Duby

318 pages | 35 halftones | © 1981
Paper $28.00 ISBN: 9780226167701 Published February 1983 Not for sale in the British Commonwealth except Canada
Recognizing that a work of art is the product of a particular time and place as much as it is the creation of an individual, Duby provides a sweeping survey of the changing mentalities of the Middle Ages as reflected in the art and architecture of the period.

"If Age of the Cathedrals has a fault, it is that Professor Duby knows too much, has too many new ideas and takes such a delight in setting them out. . . insights whiz to and fro like meteorites."—John Russell, New York Times Book Review
Part One: The Monastery, 980-1130
1. Imperial Art
2. The World of Feudalism
3. The Monks
4. The Threshold
Part Two: The Cathedrals, 1130-1280
5. God Is Light, 1130-1190
6. The Age of Reason, 1190-1250
7. Happiness, 1250-1280
Part Three: The Palace, 1280-1420
8. New Men
9. The Imitation of Christ
10. Possession of the World
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