Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume II

A Century of Wonder. Book 1: The Visual Arts

Donald F. Lach

Asia in the Making of Europe, Volume II
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Donald F. Lach

276 pages | 145 halftones, 6 line drawings | © 1970
Paper $43.00 ISBN: 9780226467306 Published February 1994
E-book $7.00 to $43.00 About E-books ISBN: 9780226467108 Published January 2010
This is the second volume in a series that traces, century by century, the role of Asia in the making of Europe.

The rise to world dominance of the Western nations in modern times and the rapid industrial growth of the West, which outpaced the East in technical and military achievements, have led to a historical eclipse of the ancient and brilliant cultures of Asia.

Historican Donald F. Lach, in his influential scholarly work, Asia in the Making of Europe, points out that an eclipse is never permanent, that this one was never total, and that there was a period in early modern times when Asia and Europe were close rivals in brilliance and mutual influence.
Book One
List of Illustrations
1. Collections of Curiosities
1. Portugal and Spain
2. Antwerp and the Low Countries
3. Germany and Austria
4. France and England
5. Italy
Appendix: Sample Asian Items Collected in Europe
2. The Individual Arts
1. Manueline Architecture and Sculpture
2. Painting
3. Woodcuts and Engravings
4. Textiles, Tapestries, and Costumes
5. Ceramics
6. Woods, Furniture, and Lacquerware
7. Precious Metals, Gems, and Jewelry
3. The Iconography of Asian Animals
1. The Elephant
A. Antiquity and the Middle Ages
B. African Elephants of the Quattrocento
C. The Elephant of Rome
D. Raphael an his School
E. The Vienna Elephant of 1552
F. Fin de siècle
2. The Rhinoceros
3. The Tiger
4. The Simians
5. The Birds
4. Epilogue: Naturalism, Symbolism, and Ornament
Reference Works
Source Materials
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