Cloth $40.00 ISBN: 9780226752136 Published June 1995

Art & Money

Marc Shell

Art & Money
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Marc Shell

230 pages | Color frontispiece, 8 color plates, 114 halftones | 8-1/2 x 9-1/4 | © 1994
Cloth $40.00 ISBN: 9780226752136 Published June 1995
In our age of art as investment and of skyrocketing prices at the gallery and the auction house, the study of art and money has become urgent—at least for investors and cultural critics. At the same time, crises in finance have disrupted economic and credit institutions and in turn assumptions about the value of art. Art & Money is a frank, provocative, and entirely unconventional look at two worlds in tandem, focusing on what binds together and drives apart the realms of art and money. Profusely illustrated, it investigates how money becomes (or is) artwork and how artwork comes to assume some of the characteristics of money.

Unlike traditional approaches to the topic, Art & Money is not a study of money and exchange as an artistic "theme." It is also not a study of economics as a context for the history of art. Rather, it is a path-breaking exploration of the internal logic—the set of meanings and values—common to both money and art.

Art & Money provides striking insight into current matters of art collection, counterfeiting, and problems of attribution, into the general relation between word and image, and into controversies over taxation and crises or scandals in the financial world. Shell's historical range is immense, and he fills this study with amusing anecdotes and insights ranging from the relic of the Holy Foreskin to the state's arrest of J. S. G. Boggs, a conceptual artist who draws money. Illustrated with over one hundred halftones and eight color plates, this stunning volume will force a rethinking of our old presumptions about where money ends and art begins.
List of Illustrations
1. Introduction
2. Art and Money: Christianity
Icon and Inscription
Eucharist Wafer
Communion Token
The Holy Grail
The Golden Annunciation
The Holy Foreskin
Aurum and Aura
Tax Advice
The Numismatic God
3. Representation and Exchange: America
Pretty Money
The Money Devil
The Issue of Representation
Visual Trumps
The End of the Matter
4. Conclusion
Accounting for Art
What Still Matters
Works Cited
List of Artists Discussed
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