[UCP Books]: THE ESSENTIAL PAUL LAFFOLEY: Works from the Boston Visionary Cell

“Laffoley has generated bright, deeply complex, and hopeful images of the future—maps toward salvation.”Boston Globe


The Essential

Paul Laffoley

Works from the Boston Visionary Cell

By Paul Laffoley

Edited by Douglas Walla


Publication date: May 19, 2016 Cloth   $65.00 / £45.50
International publication date: June 27, 2016 ISBN-13: 978-0-226-31541-6

Considered by the New York Times to be “one of the most unusual creative minds of our time,” Paul Laffoley, who once worked for Frederick Kiesler and Andy Warhol, emerged in recent years as a leading visionary artist. Living and working in a tiny space in Boston he called the “Boston Visionary Cell,” Laffoley became best known for his large mandala-like paintings filled with symbols and texts. Lavishly illustrated, The Essential Paul Laffoley documents the evolution of his unique intellectual, spiritual, and artistic approaches.

Nearly one hundred of Laffoley’s works are showcased here along with his accompanying “thought-forms,” texts specific to each painting that comment on its particular content. Together with an introduction by editor and gallerist Douglas Walla, a biography by fellow artist Steven Moskowitz, and essays by scholars Linda Dalrymple Henderson and Arielle Saiber, this book is a long-awaited celebration of the theories, writings, and artworks of an extraordinary artist.

Paul Laffoley (1935–2015) was an artist and architect based in Boston. Douglas Walla is the founder of Kent Fine Art in New York.

Please contact Rose Rittenhouse at (773) 702-0376 or rittenhouse@uchicago.edu for more information.


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