[UCP Books]: Hidden Hitchcock

“Clever and elegant, this super close-up look at just a few moments in Strangers on a TrainRope, and The Wrong Man goes to the heart of what it means to ‘view’ and ‘read’ any film—and by extension, any work of representational art. Because it brings the issue of interpretation back to the table, I would recommend Hidden Hitchcock to everyone who cares about the value and power of movies.”–Dudley Andrew, Yale University

Hidden Hitchcock
By D. A. Miller

Published by University of Chicago Press

US Publication Date: August 24, 2016 Cloth $27.50 / £19.50
International Publication Date: August 29, 2016 ISBN-13: 978-0-226-37467-3

No filmmaker has more successfully courted mass-audience understanding than Alfred Hitchcock, and none has been studied more intensively by scholars. In Hidden Hitchcock, D. A. Miller does what seems impossible: he discovers what has remained unseen in Hitchcock’s movies, a secret style that imbues his films with a radical duplicity.

Focusing on three films—Strangers on a Train, Rope, and The Wrong Man—Miller shows how Hitchcock anticipates, even demands a “Too-Close Viewer.” Dwelling within us all and vigilant even when everything appears to be in good order, this Too-Close Viewer attempts to see more than the director points out, to expand the space of the film and the duration of the viewing experience. And, thanks to Hidden Hitchcock, that obsessive attention is rewarded. In Hitchcock’s visual puns, his so-called continuity errors, and his hidden appearances (not to be confused with his cameos), Miller finds wellsprings of enigma.

Hidden Hitchcock is a revelatory work that not only shows how little we know this best known of filmmakers, but also how near such too-close viewing comes to cinephilic madness.

D. A. Miller is Professor of the Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. His recent books include 8 ½ and Jane Austen, or the Secret of Style. In 2013, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Please contact Rose Rittenhouse at (773) 702-0376 or rittenhouse@uchicago.edu for more information.


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