[UCP Books]: Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist

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Dolphin Confidential
Confessions of a Field Biologist

Maddalena Bearzi

US Publication: August 31, 2016 / International Publication: August 31, 2016

Paper ISBN-13: 978-0-226-41860-5/ $18.00 / £12.50


“Pairing vivid images of bottlenose dolphins swimming together and caring for one another with descriptions of the meticulous scientific work required to record their behavior, Bearzi sheds light on the life of a field biologist. She avoids attributing human emotions to dolphins (their brains’ responses cannot be documented in the wild) but conveys her love of the species and concern for their survival in ever more-polluted oceans. . . . A beautifully written account of the author’s scientific development.” Library Journal


 “You’ll meet the amazing dolphins who live in the so-called metropolitan waters off Los Angeles—as well as plenty of colorful characters of the human variety—in the lively, informative Dolphin Confidential. Marine biologist Bearzi is an appealing literary companion. Her narrative is charming and accessible, full of fun scientific facts and beautifully observed detail. Still, as easygoing as the story may be, Bearzi doesn’t shy away from challenging, big-picture issues: wildlife conservation, animal cognition, and the shared health concerns of animals and humans. Dolphin Confidential is the perfect beach read: you can look up from its pages entertained and infinitely more knowledgeable about the marine habitat before your very eyes.” Zocalo Public Square


 “This book reveals fascinating incidents in the career of a young woman born in Italy who conducted research on lizards, sea turtles, and dolphins. After immigrating to the US, Bearzi continued her education and research, concentrating on dolphins. Her enthusiastic and engaging account of her research career will be of interest to any young student interested in biology. . . . Highly recommended.” Choice


Maddalena Bearzi has studied the ecology and conservation of marine mammals and sea turtles for over twenty years. She is founder of the Los Angeles Dolphin Project in California, cofounder of the Ocean Conservation Society, and coauthor of Beautiful Minds: The Parallel Lives of Great Apes and Dolphins. She lives in Los Angeles. She is available for interviews. Please contact Carrie Olivia Adams at (773) 702-4216 or coa@press.uchicago.edu


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