[UCP Books]: How Animals Grieve

“A beautifully written book that will appeal to animal lovers.”
“A touching and provocative exploration of the latest research on animal minds and animal emotions.”
Washington Post



Barbara J. King


Publication date: May 6, 2014 978-0-226-15520-3
International publication date: May 20, 2014 $15.00/£10.50



“Admirably, carefully, and cautiously reviews and synthesizes a topic that is of great interest to numerous people, including those who are fortunate enough to live with nonhuman companions, those who are lucky enough to study them, and those who are interested in other animals for a wide variety of reasons.”
Marc Bekoff, Psychology Today


“I recommend this book to anyone who doubts that animals grieve. The evidence presented is overwhelming.”

“King’s thoughtful, warm-hearted prose will raise awareness and amaze readers.”
Publishers Weekly


Barbara J. King is professor of anthropology at the College of William and Mary. She blogs regularly for National Public Radio and reviews for the Times Literary Supplement. She is available for interviews


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