[Journals]: Gary S. Becker, 1930-2014


Here at the University of Chicago Press Journals Division, we mourn the loss of Gary Becker (1930-2014), Nobel laureate and one of the most significant economists of the twentieth century.


Gary Becker pioneered the field of human capital, extending economic principles to the study of family, crime, education, gender, discrimination, addiction, and many other areas of human activity. After 44 years on the faculty of the University of Chicago, Gary Becker left an indelible mark on the institution. He was an ongoing contributor to the Journal of Political Economy and was the first president of the Society of Labor Economics, which sponsors the Journal of Labor Economics. Gary Becker was also instrumental in launching the Journal of Human Capital, where he served on the Board of Editors. Not only did Gary Becker make invaluable contributions to economic scholarship, he influenced the way that economic conversations took place.


In honor of Mr. Becker, and to highlight his long and productive career, we've opened free access to four of his important articles:


The Economic Way of Looking at Behavior, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 101, No. 3, 1993 — Mr. Becker’s Nobel Prize lecture


Investment in Human Capital: A Theoretical Analysis, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 70, No. 5, 1962 — one of the foundational articles on human capital


Human Capital, Effort, and the Sexual Division of LaborJournal of Labor Economics, Vol. 3, No. 1, 1985 — an important study shedding light on how gender relates to human capital


Education and Consumption: The Effects of Education in the Household Compared to the Marketplace, Journal of Human Capital, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2007 — from the inaugural issue of Journal of Human Capital


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Adam Gannaway
University of Chicago Press





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