[UCP Books]: The Rhetoric of Pregnancy

“Marika Seigel argues eloquently for the need to change the current US system of prenatal care, labor, and delivery, and she does so in terms that will resonate with policymakers, health care professionals, and the expecting mothers who are the most important stakeholders in this situation.”
Amy Koerber, Texas Tech University

The Rhetoric of Pregnancy
Marika Seigel

With a Foreword by Jane Pincus
US Publication Date: January 31, 2014 | ISBN: 978-0-226-07191-6 | Cloth $35.00
For many newly pregnant women, the first stop after the doctor’s office is the bookstore. From What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Pregnancy for Dummies, they are met with an abundance of pregnancy guides all serving as portable mentors for every stage of pregnancy. Yet few women consider the effect of these manuals—how they propel their readers into a particular system of care or whether the manual they choose reflects or contradicts current medical thinking.
In The Rhetoric of Pregnancy, Marika Seigel works to deconstruct pregnancy manuals while also identifying ways to improve communication about pregnancy and healthcare. She traces the manuals’ evolution from early twentieth-century tomes that instructed readers to unquestioningly turn their management over to doctors, to those of the women’s health movement that encouraged readers to engage more critically with their care, to modern online sources that sometimes serve commercial interests as much as the mother’s.
The first book-length study of its kind, The Rhetoric of Pregnancy is a must-read for both users and designers of our prenatal systems—doctors and doulas, scholars and activists, and anyone interested in encouraging active, effective engagement.
Marika Seigel is associate professor of rhetoric and technical communication at Michigan Technological University.
For more information contact Lauren Salas at the University of Chicago Press, lsalas@press.uchicago.edu or 773-702-0890.



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