[UCP Books]: The Last Walk: Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives

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“Should be required reading for every pet owner.”Library Journal



Reflections on Our Pets at the End of Their Lives
Jessica Pierce
Publication date: April 15, 2014 978-0-226-15100-7
International publication date: April 28, 2014 $17.00/£12.00



“A book that all loving pet owners should read. Nothing will make the prospect of ending a good friend’s life any easier, but at least it can help those awful decisions feel less of a stab in the dark.”
New Scientist


“Pierce has made an important contribution to the small body of literature dealing with aging and death in companion animals. . . . It should be required reading for every pet owner. Readers will identify with Pierce’s feelings of ambivalence, and see something of their own pets as they read about Ody’s antics and challenges. Recommended.”
Library Journal


“The best nature book this year (and also the best dog book) is immeasurably also the saddest. . . . This great little book is not a happy reading experience—but for dog people, it’ll be a massively cathartic one.”
Open Letters Monthly


Jessica Pierce is a bioethicist and coauthor of Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals. She lives in Colorado and is available for interviews.


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