[UCP Books]: Sea Monsters: A Voyage Around the World's Most Beguiling Map


   Sea Monsters

A Voyage Around the World's Most Beguiling Map

Joseph Nigg


Publication date: September 15, 2013 $40.00 ISBN-13: 978-0-226-92516-5

Before Google Street View and GPS maps with traffic layers and public transportation routes, there was Olaus Magnus, who in 1539 charted the Nordic countries and their surrounding waters replete with fantastic creatures like sea serpents and giant man-eating lobsters in his Carta Marina. In Sea Monsters, well-known expert on magical beasts Joseph Nigg brings readers face-to-face with these creatures, alongside the other magnificent components of Magnus’s influential map. You can remove the book’s jacket to unfold the striking map in complete detail.

Nearly two meters wide in total, the Carta Marina’s nine wood-block panels comprise the largest and first realistic portrayal of Northern Europe. But in addition to these important geographic elements, Magnus’s map goes beyond cartography to scenes both domestic and mystic. Close to shore, Magnus shows humans interacting with common sea life. But from the offshore deeps rise some of the most magical and terrifying sea creatures imaginable at the time or thereafter—like sea swine, whales as large as islands, and the Kraken. In this book, Nigg provides a thorough tour of the map’s cartographic details, as well as a colorful look at its unusual pictorial and imaginative elements. The resultis a stunning tour of a world that still holds many secrets for us land dwellers, who will forever be fascinated by reports of giant squid and the real-life creatures of the deep that have proven to be as bizarre and otherworldly as we have imagined for centuries.
Joseph Nigg is also the author of The Book of Fabulous Beasts and How to Raise and Keep a Dragon, among others. He lives in Denver and is available for interviews. Please contact Carrie Olivia Adams at (773) 702-4216 or cadams@press.uchicago.edu



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