[UCP Books]: Manufacturing Morals: The Values of Silence in Business School Education

Manufacturing Morals demolishes conventional notions about business and morality as separate spheres. With Michel Anteby as our expert guide, we are taken into an extraordinary journey of how Harvard Business School constructs
its complex moral world.”
Viviana A. Zelizer, author of Economic Lives
The Values of Silence in Business School Education
Michel Anteby



Publication date: September 30, 2013 Cloth $25.00/£17.50 ISBN-13: 978-0-226-09247-8

Each year, Harvard Business School graduates 900 new MBA students, many of whom will go on to lead Fortune 500 companies. But at a time when corporate accountability is never far from the front page, what are today’s business students and future business leaders really learning about how to make ethical decisions on the job? Here, Michel Anteby takes readers inside HBS to reveal the inner workings of the school’s efforts to promote better business standards among its faculty and students.
Anteby’s rich account reveals the shocking role of silence and ambiguity in HBS’s process of codifying morals and business values. As Anteby describes, at HBS specifics are often left unspoken; for example, teaching notes given to faculty provide much guidance on how to teach but are largely silent on what to teach. Manufacturing Morals demonstrates how faculty and students are exposed to a system that operates on open-ended directives that require significant decision-making on the part of those involved, with little overt guidance from the hierarchy. Anteby investigates whether this model, which advocates business ethics without specifically defining what those ethics entail, is perhaps one of the few that can adapt and endure over time.
Michel Anteby is associate professor and a Marvin Bower fellow in the organizational behavior unit at Harvard Business School. He is the author of Moral Gray Zones: Side Productions, Identity, and Regulation in an Aeronautic Plant. He is available for interviews. Please contact Carrie Olivia Adams at (773) 702-4216 or cadams@press.uchicago.edu


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