[UCP Books]: The Golden Age of Botanical Art

“Not just a collection of beautiful paintings from ancient frescoes to the present day, but also a series of fascinating essays about plant hunters and the artists who recorded their discoveries.”Irish Times

By Martyn Rix

Publication Date: October 15, 2013 ISBN: 978-0-226-09359-8 Cloth $35.00

The seventeenth century heralded a golden age of exploration, as intrepid travelers sailed around the globe to explore exotic new continents. Along their journeys, these explorers collected some of the world’s most beautiful flora, with their findings often recorded for posterity by talented professional artists. The Golden Age of Botanical Art tells the story of these plant-hunting adventures through rich text and full-color reproductions of the stunning artwork they produced. Covering work through the nineteenth century, this lavishly illustrated book offers readers a look at 250 rare or unpublished images by some of the world’s most important botanical artists.

Global in its scope, The Golden Age of Botanical Art features work by artists from Europe, China, and India, recording plants from places as disparate as Africa and South America. Martyn Rix has compiled the stories and art not only of well-known figures—such as Leonardo da Vinci and the artists of Empress Josephine Bonaparte—but also of those intrepid botanists and painters whose names and work have been lost to time.

A celebration of both extraordinarily beautiful plant life and the globe-trotting men and women who found and recorded it, The Golden Age of Botanical Art will enchant gardeners and art lovers alike.


Martyn Rix is editor of Curtis’s Botanical Magazine and author or editor of numerous books, including The Genus Lachenalia and Rory McEwen: The Colours of Reality.

For more information contact Lauren Salas at the University of Chicago Press, lsalas@press.uchicago.edu or 773-702-0890.


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