[Journals]: New e-Book Editions of Journals Offer Convenience of Digital Content in the Context of Complete Issues

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The University of Chicago Press Journals Division

Source Contact: Tess Mullen, Publisher, University of Chicago Press Journals Division / tmullen@press.uchicago.edu

New e-Book Editions of Journals Offer Convenience of Digital Content
in the Context of Complete Issues

The University of Chicago Press is proud to announce the launch of e-Book Editions for all of its journal titles.
Chicago Journals e-Book Editions are complete issues that can be accessed and downloaded individually. The new e-Book Editions are meant to offer the best of both worlds by combining the convenience and speed of digital accessibility with the integrity of the complete issue. The e-Book Editions home page on the University of Chicago Press website emphasizes that, “although we have transitioned swiftly from print to digital online aggregators, the editorial process of thoughtfully compiling and releasing content collated into issues remains intact.”

“Our e-Book Editions provide a valuable access option for the individual reader, a critical member of our constituency who is often forgotten in the drive toward electronic access via institutional networks,” Michael Magoulias, Director of the Journals Division, said. “In today’s mobile society, the ability to save information to a handheld device and read it when you are not connected to the Internet is rightly seen as a major benefit offered by the transition to digital publishing.”

e-Book Editions are currently available as a benefit to individual subscribers and members of sponsoring associations. Subscribers and members are invited to log in and download individual issues for iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android, or computer. Ample download help is provided on the e-Book Editions web pages.

The Press plans to introduce e-Book Editions for each journal beginning with each title’s first issue of 2013. e-Book Editions will be available for more than 50 journals across all disciplines, including Critical Inquiry, American Journal of Sociology, Journal of Political Economy, and The American Naturalist.

“Our journals bring together articles that are at the forefront of their respective disciplines. Each issue contains new and interesting research, content to be discovered, connections waiting to be made,” Magoulias said. “I hope the e-Book Editions make it easier for our readers to encounter new ideas.”

Chicago Journals e-Book Editions can be reviewed and downloaded at journals.uchicago.edu/ebookeditions.
The e-Book Edition of the latest issue of Critical Inquiry is available free for a limited time. Select CI on the e-Book Editions home page and, when prompted, enter the username “criticalinquiry” and the password “ebookpromo.”
Next on the horizon, the Press intends to make e-Book Editions of individual issues available for sale.
Founded in 1891, the University of Chicago Press was conceived by President William Rainey Harper as an organic part of the University, extending the influence of Chicago scholars around the globe. Today, the Journals Division of the Press works with 27 society partners to distribute 58 journals and hardcover serials that present original research from international scholars in the social sciences, humanities, education, biological and medical sciences, and physical sciences.



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