[UCP Books]: Stung!: On Jellyfish Blooms and the Future of the Ocean

“Vivid, lively, and enthralling! The world of jellyfish is brought alive as you never imagined it could be in this engaging, gripping, and often funny book.”

Callum Roberts, author of The Ocean of Life

by Lisa-ann Gershwin

Publication date: June 03, 2013 Cloth $27.50 • £19.50
UK publication date: June 10, 2013   ISBN-13: 978-0-226-02010-5

Superstorms. Droughts. Heat waves and raging fires. We don’t have to look far to see the signs of climate change all around us. Meanwhile, our oceans are becoming increasingly inhospitable to life and many marine species have been brought to the brink of collapse. And yet there is one creature that is thriving in this seasick environment—the jellyfish. As foremost jellyfish expert Lisa-ann Gershwin describes in Stung!, these beautiful but dangerous fish are truly taking over the world’s oceans. And this population bloom is unfortunately an unavoidable sign of the tragic state of ocean waters.
Despite their role as harbingers of marine destruction, jellyfish are truly enthralling creatures in their own right, and in Stung!, Gershwin, who herself has discovered over 150 different species, tells stories of jellyfish both attractive and deadly and illuminates many unusual facts about their behaviors and environmental adaptations. She takes readers back to the Proterozoic era, when jellyfish were the top predator in the marine ecosystem—at a time when there were no fish, no mammals, and no turtles; and she explores the role jellies have as middlemen of destruction, moving swiftly into vulnerable ecosystems. The story of the jellyfish, as Gershwin makes clear, is also the story of the world’s oceans, and this unique and urgent look reveals their inseparable histories—and future. 
Lisa-ann Gershwin is director of the Australian Marine Stinger Advisory Services. She was awarded a Fulbright in 1998 for her studies on jellyfish blooms and evolution, and since that time has discovered over 150 new species—including at least sixteen types of jellyfish that are highly dangerous, as well as a new species of dolphin—and has written for numerous scientific and popular publications. She is available for interviews.

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