[UCP Books]: The Breakfast Book

“It’s impossible to read this book without feeling amused, edified, and hungry. It has certainly convinced me that breakfast is the best meal of the day.”

Paul Levy

Andrew Dalby

Published by Reaktion Books & distributed by the University of Chicago Press

Publication date: June 01, 2013 Cloth $30.00
232 pages; 59 color plates, 16 halftones ISBN-13: 978-1-78023-086-3

We’re familiar with the usual eggs, cereal, sausage, and pancakes. Even porridge isn’t too far from our norm. But eels rinsed in brine and fried in bacon fat? With beer? For breakfast? Andrew Dalby’s neighbor was once served this dish in former East Germany. It’s these kinds of combinations that make breakfast one of the world’s most diverse meals, varying greatly from family to family and region to region—even while individuals tend to eat the same thing every day. But how did breakfast come to be? In the first book to explore the history of our morning meal, The Breakfast Book collects narratives of breakfast in an attempt to pin down the mottled history of eating in the AM.
In search of what people have thought and written—and tasted—about breakfast, Dalby traces the meal’s origins back to the Neolithic revolution. He follows the trail of toast crumbs from the ancient Near East and classical Greece to modern Europe and across the globe, rediscovering stories of breakfast in 3,000 years of fiction, memoirs, and art. Using a multitude of entertaining breakfast facts, anecdotes, and images, he reveals why breakfast is so often the backdrop for unexpected meetings, why so many people eat breakfast out, and why this often silent meal is also so reassuring.
Featuring a selection of historic and contemporary breakfast recipes from around the world, this always-entertaining book makes an ideal morning companion to crumpets, devilled kidneys, and spanakopita alike.
Andrew Dalby is a linguist, translator, and historian based in France. He is the author of many books on food history, including Food in the Ancient World from A to Z, Flavours of Byzantium, and Cheese: A Global History, a member of Reaktion’s Edible Series.He is available for interviews.
Please contact Laura Avey for more information: lavey@press.uchicago.edu / 773.702.0376.


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