[UCP Books]: The Rise of the Vampire


 The Rise of the Vampire
Erik Butler

Published by Reaktion Books & distributed by the University of Chicago Press

Publication date: June 01, 2013 Cloth $25.00
224 pages; 30 halftones ISBN-13: 978-1-78023-110-5


Forget Generations Y and Z—the new millennium belongs to Generation V. Vampires have exploded in popularity in the aughts, with books like the Twilight series and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, television shows such as True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, and movies ranging from Underworld to the parody Vampires Suck. But as ubiquitous as vampires are today, the truth is that they have not only always found a place in cultures worldwide, but they’ve also been capturing our imaginations since their modest beginnings in the rustic fantasies of southeastern Europe in the early eighteenth century. So why have vampires gone viral in recent years?

In The Rise of the Vampire, Erik Butler seeks to explain our enduring fascination with the creatures of the night. Exploring why a being of humble origins has achieved success of such monstrous proportions, Butler considers the vampire in myth, literature, film, journalism, political cartoons, music, television, and video games. He describes how and why they have come to give expression to the darker side of human life—though vampires evoke age-old mystery, they also embody many of the uncertainties of the modern world. Butler also ponders the role global markets and digital technology have played in making vampires a worldwide phenomenon.

Whether you’re a fan of classic vampire tales or new additions to the mythology, The Rise of the Vampire is a fascinating look at our collective obsession with the undead.

Erik Butler has written extensively on European culture and film. He is the author of Metamorphoses of the Vampire in Literature and Film and The Bellum Grammaticale and the Rise of European Literature.Please contact Laura Avey for more information: lavey@press.uchicago.edu / 773.702.0376.


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