[UCP Books]: A Naked Singularity: A Novel


“A major book, capable of standing up against works by other postmodern writers such as William Gaddis and Robert Coover. Indeed, I’d argue that if Dostoevsky were alive today and set out to write Crime and Punishment while taking into account the contemporary world, what he might end up with is something like A Naked Singularity.”

Brian Evenson, author of Fugue State


A Novel
Sergio De La Pava

Publication Date: May 1, 2012 Paper $18.00 • £11.50 
UK Publication Date: May 15, 2012 978-0-226-14179-4

If you love books, it’s hard not to view the growth of self-publishing with dismay. Thousands of books, the result of countless hours of writing . . . and for the most part, they simply demonstrate that, well, not everyone is a writer. But what if there is a great book buried in that pile? What if we’re all missing a masterpiece?
A Naked Singularity is that masterpiece. Last winter we started hearing from readers and critics we trusted about this wildly ambitious debut novel that had been self-published in 2008—and what we were hearing were raves. So we got a copy, and we were blown away. We don’t usually publish new American fiction, but we couldn’t bear to let this book disappear into obscurity.
It starts with a voice—the unforgettable, hilarious, intense voice of Casi, a young public defender in Manhattan who, somehow, has never lost a case. Like a hyper-caffeinated, logorrheic Beatrice, he guides us into the inferno of the contemporary city: the cruel ironies of the justice system; the daily struggles of immigrants; the inequities of death row; the corrosive sensationalism of the media; the inescapable sense that this society, this culture, this city that surrounds us is on the brink of exhaustion, held together by spit and baling wire, and our best defense is gallows humor and a graveyard whistle. Idealistic in spite of everything he’s seen, Casi walks down those mean streets in search of justice—real justice, the kind that’s rarely dispensed in the courtroom—and we watch, and laugh, and cringe, and can’t turn away as his world starts to spin out of control.
Funny, moving, frightening, wordy, nerdy, self-confident, and a bit crazy, A Naked Singularity is like no other novel you’ll read this year. It announces the arrival of a spectacular new talent on the American fiction scene.
Sergio De La Pava is a writer who does not live in Brooklyn. He is, however, available for interviews.
Please contact Levi Stahl at (773) 702-0289 or lstahl@press.uchicago.edu for more information. 


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