[Journals]: Inaugural Issue of American Political Thought Journal Now Available

The University of Chicago Press is pleased to announce the publication of the inaugural issue of American Political Thought: A Journal of Ideas, Institutions, and Culture.


As the journal's subtitle suggests, “we are interpreting the idea of American political thought broadly and seek contributions that cover the full range of topics suggested by that subtitle," writes the editor Michael Zuckert in his introduction to the issue. "Accordingly, we seek to be thoroughly interdisciplinary, drawing from history, political science, law, literature, American studies, philosophy, art history, sociology—whatever fields are interested in American political thought, broadly understood.”


The first issue begins with a symposium titled American Exceptionalism—Is It Real, Is It Good? “The topic was selected not because it has become, somewhat surprisingly, something of a political issue now but because I thought it would be a good opportunity for our distinguished roster of authors to address the American political experience in a broadly reflective way,” Zuckert writes.


The symposium articles will be available free for 30 days at http://www.jstor.org/stable/10.1086/664008. Included in the symposium:


The Origins and Character of American Exceptionalism James W. Ceaser


Cities of Man on a Hill

Patrick J. Deneen


Old Paradigms in History Die Hard in Political Science: US Foreign Policy and American Exceptionalism Hilde Eliassen Restad


American Exceptionalism and National Identity Peter S. Onuf


“Our Republican Example”: The Significance of the American Experiments in Government in the Twenty-First Century Rogers M. Smith


The issue also features an essay by Ralph Lerner titled The Gospel According to the Apostle Ben that explores the religious views of Ben Franklin. Lerner argues that, “Ben’s special gospel is directed toward gaining self-respect and deserving it. No power, human or divine, can give that to you. It is yours to earn.”


APT publishes twice a year in print and online and includes book reviews along with major articles accepted through a double blind peer-review process.


The journal is now accepting submissions on all areas of relevance including:

  • Description, justification, and criticism of the institutions of constitutional democracy in the United States.
  • The plurality of first principles called upon to ground these institutions and to orient political action.
  • The mentality of the American people, either taken as a whole or as members of various subcultures within the polity.
  • Political literature, which has sought to bring political principles to full, imaginative life.
  • The ideas around which have been built the platforms of the various political parties in American political history and around which coalesce partisan coalitions today.
  • The character of the United States as it presents itself on the world stage and thus in the eyes of those who live abroad.


To submit a manuscript for consideration, please send an electronic file (formatted in Microsoft Word) via the American Political Thought online submission system at:  http://apt.edmgr.com/.


For more information, including subscription and submission details, visit www.journals.uchicago.edu/apt.   


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