[Journals]: Announcing The Journal of Law and Courts

The University of Chicago Press and the Law and Courts Organized Section of the American Political Science Association are pleased to announce a new journal intended for all scholars with an interest in legal institutions, actors, processes, and policy. The Journal of Law and Courts will publish in print and electronic formats beginning in 2013, and is now accepting submissions.

For complete submission guidelines, visit the journal’s home page: www.journals.uchicago.edu/jlc.

“The journal will be a truly interdisciplinary forum for those who study law and courts regardless of methodological or theoretical approach,” said David Klein, a professor at the University of Virginia’s Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics and the journal’s inaugural editor. “Most journals in this field are focused narrowly on specific subtypes of scholarship. In the end, we too often read and write for only small groups of scholars much like ourselves and fail to keep up with the ideas of those who share our broad interests but approach them differently. The Journal of Law and Courts will have the central mission of promoting communication and intellectual fertilization across traditional boundaries.”

To that end, the editorial team seeks submissions from scholars in political science departments and law schools as well as from departments of anthropology, economics, history, psychology, and sociology. The journal will welcome both qualitative and quantitative empirical studies as well as purely theoretical essays.

“As we consider papers for publication, substance will be valued far above either form or method,” Dr. Klein said.  “The most important criteria for publication in JLC will be that the core issues or questions addressed in a paper strike a wide swath of the law and courts community as interesting and important and that they be addressed in a highly professional and effective manner.”

Serving along with Editor David Klein is an editorial board of highly accomplished scholars who are representative of the journal’s theoretical and methodological diversity:

Brandon Bartels, George Washington University
Pamela Brandwein, University of Michigan
Keith Bybee, Syracuse University
Javier Couso, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile
Charles Epp, University of Kansas
Leslie Goldstein, University of Delaware
Stacia Haynie, Louisiana State University
Ran Hirschl, University of Toronto
Jeffrey Lax, Columbia University,
Lynn Mather, University at Buffalo, SUNY
Julie Novkov, University at Albany, SUNY
Suzanna Sherry, Vanderbilt University
Georg Vanberg, University of North Carolina

Each submission selected for publication by the editor will be reviewed by at least one board member to ensure that the piece has cross-boundary appeal. In other respects the journal will follow standard peer-review procedures, with a minimum of three referees providing reports on each submission via a double-blind review process. The journal accepts only single submissions.

The journal’s electronic edition will be included with all University of Chicago Press Journals in the JSTOR Current Scholarship Program, making its content available and discoverable for scholars all over the world. Content will also be available through leading third-party search and discovery services. Individual subscriptions are available through the Press and via membership in the Law and Courts Organized Section of APSA.

“Section members told us they wanted a forum that encouraged greater intellectual cohesion in the section," said Christopher Zorn, professor of political science at Penn State and chair of the APSA Law and Courts Section. “JLC will accomplish that goal.”


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