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George Kimball Plochmann
The book Richard McKeon: A Study, George Kimball Plochmann is published by University
of Chicago Press. ... Richard McKeon. A Study. George Kimball Plochmann. ...

Richard McKeon
The book Freedom and History and Other Essays: An Introduction to the Thought of
Richard McKeon, Richard McKeon is published by University of Chicago Press. ...

Richard P. McKeon
... Well before the current age of discourse, deconstruction, and multiculturalism,
Richard McKeon propounded a philosophy of pluralism showing how "facts" and ...

Neil Gross
... There he came under the tutelage of polymath Richard McKeon, whose catholic approach
to philosophical systems would profoundly influence Rorty’s own thought. ...

Richard P. McKeon
... E-book $40.00 ISBN: 9780226340357 Will Publish December 2016. As a philosopher,
Richard McKeon spent his career developing Pragmatism in a new key, specifically ...

BOOK Edicts of Asoka, Nikam, McKeon October 1978
Edited by N. A. Nikam and Richard McKeon
The book Edicts of Asoka, Edited by NA Nikam and Richard McKeon is published by
University of Chicago Press. ... Edited by NA Nikam and Richard McKeon. ...

Edited by Wayne C. Booth
... delivered during an often-heated conference at the university in 1966, and include
contributions from such scholars as Northrop Frye, Richard McKeon, and, of ...

Wayne C. Booth
... memorable readings of Macbeth, Jane Austen, George Eliot, and Henry James to
engagements with Booth’s intellectual heroes, such as Richard McKeon and Mikhail ...

Nora McKeon
... The United Nations and Civil Society. Legitimating Global Governance - Whose
Voice? Nora McKeon. Nora McKeon. Distributed for Zed Books. ...

Walter Watson
... is a lucid demonstration of the purposes, methods, and implications of philosophical
semantics that both supports and builds on Richard McKeon's and other ...


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