Call for Submissions

With its own international advisory board of consulting editors and a rigorous "double-blind" referee system, the journal will maintain the highest editorial standards and production values. Scholars interested in the decorative arts, design history, and material culture are invited to submit material that explores the content, meaning, and significance of objects in their cultural and historical frameworks. The journal embraces all aspects of design, including engagements with:



  • designers, artists, craftworkers, and makers
  • style, taste, and consumption
  • design, technology, and industry
  • dress and fashion
  • customs, manners, and rituals
  • architecture and landscape design
  • the vernacular and popular culture


The editors welcome articles that examine or interpret design, decorative arts, or material culture without restriction as to media, culture, era, or geographic location.

Direct submission inquiries to:

Journal Submissions
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Editor-in-Chief, Paul Stirton:

Managing Editor, Daniel Lee: