Editorial Board


Anita Chan, University of Technology, Sydney
Jonathan Unger, Australian National University

Assistant Editor

Janelle Caiger, Contemporary China Centre

Editorial Board

Geremie Barmé, Australian National University
Timothy Cheek, University of British Columbia
Joseph Y. S. Cheng, City University of Hong Kong
Vanessa Fong, Amherst College
Keith Forster, Southern Cross University
Jane Golley, Australian National University
David Goodman, University of Sydney
Lei Guang, University of California, San Diego
Ben Hillman, Australian National University
Tamara Jacka, Australian National University
J. Bruce Jacobs, Monash University
Pauline Keating, Victoria University of Wellington
Scott Kennedy, Indiana University
Andrew Kipnis, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Kam Louie, University of Hong Kong
Colin Mackerras, Griffith University
Pál Nyíri, Free University, Amsterdam
Kevin O’Brien, University of California, Berkeley
Jean Oi, Stanford University
Scott Rozelle, Stanford University
Sally Sargeson, Australian National University
Ligang Song, Australian National University
Frederick Teiwes, University of Sydney
Isabelle Thireau, EHESS, Paris
Stig Thøgersen, Aarus University
Patricia M. Thornton, University of Oxford
Luigi Tomba, ANU College of Asia & the Pacific
Andrew Walder, Stanford University
Wang Gungwu, National University of Singapore
Andrew Watson, University of Adelaide
Li Zhang, University of California, Davis


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