Volume 89 Number 2
June 2014


Jeffrey V. Yule, Robert J. Fournier, Christopher X. J. Jensen, and Jinyan Yang

A Review and Synthesis of Late Pleistocene Extinction Modeling: Progress Delayed by Mismatches between Ecological Realism, Interpretation, and Methodological Transparency



Valery M. Gavrilov

Ecological and Scaling Analysis of the Energy Expenditure of Rest, Activity, Flight, and Evaporative Water Loss in Passeriformes and Non-Passeriformes in Relation to Seasonal Migrations and to the Occupation of Boreal Stations in High and Moderate Latitudes



David Sepkoski

Two Lives in Biology

A Lead Review of An Appetite for Wonder: The Making of a Scientist: A Memoir, by Richard Dawkins and Letters to a Young Scientist, by Edward O. Wilson




Volume 89 Number 1
March 2014


Nora Underwood, Brian D. Inouye, and Peter A. Hambäck

A Conceptual Framework for Associational Effects: When Do Neighbors Matter and How Would We Know?


Juan L. Bouzat

Darwin’s Diagram of Divergence of Taxa as a Causal Model for the Origin of Species




May Berenbaum

How (Lady)Birds, Bees, and Educated Fleas Do It

A lead review of Sex on Six Legs: Lessons on Life, Love, and Language from the Insect World, by Marlene Zuk