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We welcome these additions to the University of Chicago Press portfolio of journals. These titles are available individually and, unless otherwise noted, as part of the Complete Chicago Package.



Critical Historical Studies

Critical Historical Studies is a new interdisciplinary journal devoted to historical reflections on politics, culture, economy, and social life. In the broad tradition of critical theory, CHS explores the complex connections between cultural form and socioeconomic context throughout the ages and the world.

First issue published with Chicago: Spring 2014 (v1n1)



Freshwater Science

Freshwater Science publishes articles that advance understanding and environmental stewardship of all types of inland aquatic ecosystems and ecosystems at the interface between aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

First issue published with Chicago: March 2014 (v33n1)



Getty Research Journal

The Getty Research Journal is a peer-reviewed periodical that publishes original research under way across the Getty's programs: the Conservation Institute, Foundation, Research Institute, the Museum and Villa. Published annually, the Journal seeks to foster collaborative scholarship among art historians, museum curators, and conservators internationally.

First issue published with Chicago: 2014 (no. 6)



Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

As the official research journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, JAERE publishes papers that are devoted to environmental and natural resource issues. The journal’s principal mission is to provide a forum for the scholarly exchange of ideas in the intersection of human behavior and the natural environment.

First issue published with Chicago: Spring/Summer 2014 (v1n1/2)



Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research

The Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research provides a venue for rigorous empirical research into contemporary social problems, programs, and policies that can be used in public policy development and social work practice.

First issue published with Chicago: Spring 2014 (v5n1)



Marine Resource Economics*

Marine Resource Economics publishes creative and scholarly economic analyses of a range of issues related to natural resource use in the global marine environment. The scope of the journal includes conceptual and empirical investigations aimed at addressing real world oceans and coastal policy problems. MRE is an outlet for early results and imaginative new thinking on emerging topics in the marine environment, as well as rigorous theoretical and empirical analyses of questions that have long interested economists who study the oceans.

First issue published with Chicago: March 2014 (v29n1)



Pulmonary Circulation

Pulmonary Circulation contains original research articles, review articles, case report, and guidelines that are related to pulmonary circulation, pulmonary vascular disease, and lung injury. PC allows diverse knowledge of research, techniques, and case studies to reach a wide readership of specialists in order to increase treatment and survival rates the world over.

First issue published with Chicago: September 2013 (v3n3)



Renaissance Drama

Renaissance Drama is dedicated to the investigation of traditional canons of drama, as well as to the exploration of the significance of performance in early modern cultures. Each peer-reviewed issue questions or applies newer forms of interpretation on the study of early modern plays, theater, and performance.

First issue published with Chicago: Fall 2013 (v41n1/2)



I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance

Since 1985, I Tatti Studies has been home to seminal scholarship in the Italian Renaissance. I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance is published twice annually, both in print and online, presenting groundbreaking work in every aspect of the literary, religious, artistic, performative, historical, social, and scientific dimensions of Renaissance Italy.

First issue published with Chicago: Fall 2013 (v16n1/2)




The major English-language journal devoted to the art of the Middle Ages, Gesta embraces all facets of artistic production from ca. 300 to ca. 1500 CE, in Europe, the Mediterranean region, and the Slavic world.

First issue published with Chicago: Spring 2013 (v52n1)



Signs and Society

Signs and Society is a multidisciplinary journal in the humanities and social sciences focusing on the study of sign process (or semiosis) in the realms of social action, cognition, and cultural form. Taking as its broad mission the study of “signs and society,” the journal publishes articles that analyze sign processes in some specifiable or generalizable social circumstance, historical period, or textual artifact.

First issue published with Chicago: Spring 2013 (v1n1)


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 *Marine Resource Economics is not included in the 2014 CCP, but will be available to CCP subscribers in 2015. However, 2014 CCP subscribers are eligible for a discount of 30% off the list rate of Marine Resource Economics.








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