Instructions for Authors


Important Information for All Contributors

The editors of the Journal of Modern History invite contributions in the field of modern European history from approximately 1500 to the present. The geographic scope of the journal extends from Great Britain through the European continent, including Russia and the Balkans. We will also consider articles on colonialism and articles that deal in part with United States history, provided that the European component of such articles is predominant. We are particularly interested in work that will appeal to a broad audience of professional historians and not just to specialists in a single field.

We also invite authors to submit contributions to our article series Contemporary Issues in Historical Perspective, which offers contributors a forum in which to explore the intersection between historical knowledge and current affairs. Articles in this series tend to fall into three basic categories: those that consider the active engagement of historians and other wielders of historical knowledge in shaping contemporary affairs; those that interpret contemporary affairs in light of the historian's knowledge of the past; and those that explore the implications of new methodologies and new thematic preoccupations for historical scholarship.

Review articles are generally commissioned by the editors. Suggestions for possible review articles are welcome.

Book reviews are published in the JMH by invitation only: we do not accept unsolicited book reviews, nor do we commission reviews from self-nominated reviewers. The JMH does not publish comments or letters to the editors.

Work submitted to the JMH may not be under consideration in any form by any other publisher. Submission of a manuscript is taken to indicate the author's commitment to publish in the JMH if the manuscript is accepted. The JMH requires both the right of first publication and the assignment of copyright.

Work that already has been or soon will be published elsewhere, in whole or in part, is not eligible for publication in the JMH. This prohibition includes:

  • articles published elsewhere in the same form;
  • articles whose substance is drawn from previously published books or articles;
  • articles that share material with books or articles in progress that could appear in close proximity to the potential JMH publication.

It is the mission of the JMH to bring new scholarship to its readers; hence, we do not wish to publish work that will imminently be available elsewhere. Authors should be aware that the article evaluation process typically takes at least three to six months, and there is generally a period of approximately eighteen to twenty-one months between the acceptance of an article and its publication. Books or articles containing overlapping material must not appear until a period of six months has elapsed from the date of JMH publication.

Occasionally we will consider publishing articles that have previously appeared in another language. This exception applies in two cases: (1) if the language in which the piece was published originally is not one that would be accessible to those readers of the JMH who would be interested in the material; and/or (2) if the original publication is not readily available in U.S. libraries. For example, if an article dealing with French history had already been published in Russian –– a language that most historians of France do not read –– or if it had appeared in another language in a very small journal that is not easily accessed in this country, we might consider publishing an English translation of that piece in the JMH.

Articles written in any major European language may be submitted for evaluation, but those written in languages other than French or German must be accompanied by an English abstract. If the piece is accepted, the JMH will commission an English translation for publication in the journal. Authors who are not native English speakers are encouraged to submit manuscripts in their native languages unless the quality of their written English is essentially equivalent to that of a native speaker.

We have a strong preference for articles that do not exceed 17,500 words, including references. Manuscripts should be double spaced throughout, and references should be provided as endnotes. More detailed information on manuscript preparation is available elsewhere on our Web site. Please note that we have separate style sheets for articles, review articles, and book reviews.

Manuscripts should be submitted in Word or WordPerfect format to our online peer-review system at Our evaluation process generally takes between three and six months, although it may take longer particularly over the summer months when outside readers are less readily available.

The JMH follows a double–blind article review procedure in which the identities of the author and the evaluators remain confidential, so any features that could reveal the author’s identity should be removed from the text and from the notes until after the manuscript is accepted. Identifying features such as the author’s name, affiliation, and acknowledgments should be provided on separate sheets. References to the author’s own work in the footnotes should be cited in the usual manner by name and not as "my" or "this author’s" article or book.